• Elevations Career Inventory


    $250 Per Person

    Rates included here based on assessment and single debrief coaching session only.

    Additional coaching and workshop packages available separately.

    The Elevations career assessment is an inventory tool prioritize that will clarify your

    values, skills, interests and strengths and relate those to exciting, twenty-first century career opportunities.



    Why Elevations?

    The Elevations assessment is a self report form that you control entirely. You know yourself, your values, interests, skills and what you gives you strength. This report shows you how all of those things work together. The elevations assessment includes:

    • An interactive drag and drop sorting method to help you prioritize your values
    • Skill clarification with a focus on what you enjoy doing
    • An uplifting personality profile that describes your communication strengths, your leadership potential and inform

    How does it work?

    A trained Elevations coach will guide you through a 2-step assessment process:

    • Take Assessment: Your coach provides an online link to the assessment.
    • Debrief: Your coach explains the four themes and together you discuss how your values, skills, interests and strengths can guide in achieving your goals.

    A Bit More...

    History, Purpose, Coaching and Workshops


    What is Elevations Career Inventory? Elevations is the most accurate, complete online career assessment developed by a Nationally Certified Career Counselor. There are so many possibilities out in the world—and so many obstacles—it’s easy to feel paralyzed by indecision. The Elevations online assessment can help you regroup and gain the focus you need to prioritize your next best step.


    Still want more information? Consider viewing the Elevations video 'Getting Unstuck' describing the factors that keep us stuck in our life and careers.

      Coaching & Workshops

      There is no more reliable way to implement your action plan and increase your career strengths than working with a trained Elevations coach.


      Our fear slaying coaches are certified in this assessment tool and available to deliver one-on-one coaching or team/group workshops. Call us to learn more.


      Are you ready?

      If you are ready to assess or want more information contact us at info@fearslayers.us or 707-439-8881.