• Fearless Culture Mapping


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    Rates included here based on assessment and single debrief coaching session only.

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    About Fearless Culture Assessments

    Fearless Culture Mapping is a cultural diagnostic tool developed to assess how well organizations are functioning.


    Why Fearless Culture?

    Fearful workplace cultures are a thing, and they are killing productivity and running away with profits. They are also the key to making a dent in diversity and inclusion.


    To assess fearless culture, we begin with six-boxes that make up the base diagnostic map . It gives attention to issues such as rewards, personnel, delegation of authority, and accountability. This model is comprised of the following components (boxes):

    1. Purposes: What 'businesses' are we in?
    2. Structure: How is work divided?
    3. Relationships: How do we manage conflict (coordinate) among people? 
    4. Rewards: Is there an incentive for doing all that needs doing?
    5. Leadership: Is someone keeping the boxes in balance?
    6. Resources: Have we adequate resources to do our work? 

    The six box model is combined with an examination of the underlying behaviors, assumptions and norms within the organization. The assessment allows teams to identify where fear may be causing inaction, triangulation, or dis empowerment.


    How does it work?

    A trained Organizational Diagnostic consultant will guide you through a 5-step assessment process:

    • Orientation: Your consultant works with you to clarify your current cultural initiatives and desired outcomes, select feedback providers, and orient you to the instrument and the process.
    • Assessment:  Your consultant conducts qualitative interviews using the customized  fearless culture questionnaire based on your initiatives and desired outcomes. 
    • Debrief: Your consultant provides a diagnostic map showing how your organizational looks right now compared with the desired fearless future state you'd like to see. 
    • Action Plan: Your consultant assists you in putting together an action plan to close the gap between current state and future goals and/or strengthen that which is working well. 

    A Bit More...

    History, Perceptions, Coaching and Workshops


    What is Fearless Culture?

    A culture free from fear extracts the best from highly talented people. It allows team members the freedom to break out of the mold, and shatter silos, and eliminate the risks of group think.


    The six-box model is a framework developed by an American analyst. The model is detailed in the book entitled "Organizational Diagnosis: A Workbook of Theory and Practice," by Marvin Weisbord. This model provides the structure for assessing culture.


    For a complete fearless culture assessment this six box model is used in conjunction with Edward Schein's model of organizational culture documented in his book, "Organizational Culture and Leadership" which examines:

    • Artifacts
    • Values
    • Underlying assumptions.
    Still want more information? Consider viewing this "What is Culture' video describing Edward Schein's perspective on organizational culture.

    Coaching & Workshops

    There is no more reliable way to implement your action plan and benefit from a clearly defined workplace culture than working with a trained organizational diagnostic coach.


    Our fear slaying coaches use this assessment tool for one-on-one coaching or team/group workshops. Call us to learn more.


    Are you ready?

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