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    The Thomas-Kilmann Instrument is the only conflict assessment whose reliability and validity is backed by science


    Why Conflict Styles?

    The conflict styles inventory is an assessment that determines how you tend to respond to conflict (when your needs differ from those of another person), and what other conflict-handling options are available to you.


    We are all capable of using all five conflict-handling modes; you cannot be characterized as having a single, rigid style of dealing with conflict. However, most people use some modes more readily than others, develop more skills in those modes, and therefore tend to rely on them more heavily. Many have a clear favorite.


    The conflict behaviors you use are the result of both your personal predispositions and the requirements of the situations in which you find yourself.


    How does it work?

    A trained conflict coach will guide you through a 2-step assessment process:

    • Take Assessment: Your coach provides an online link to the assessment.
    • Debrief: Your coach explains how your conflict style impacts your communication and together you discuss solutions for increasing your influence. 

    A Bit More

    Research, Uses, Coaching and Workshops

    What is the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument?

    One survey found that, on average, each employee spends 2.1 hours every week – approximately one day a month – dealing with conflict in some way (being involved in a disagreement, managing a conflict between co-workers, etc). Time is money and would be better spent on accomplishing work and achieving goals is instead used to manage disagreements and smooth ruffled feathers.


    While the word conflict may have a negative connotation, we only use it to define a situation where two people want different things. So while it can be bad, it can also be a good thing. Without conflict, we can’t have resolution!


    This is the only conflict assessment on the market that has proven to be both reliable AND valid via empirical research before, during, and after it’s development.


    Still want more information? Consider viewing this introduction to the 'Thomas Kilmann Conflict Model' video.

    Coaching & Workshops

    There is no more reliable way to implement your action plan and increase your communication influence than working with a trained conflict coach.


    Our fear slaying coaches are certified in this assessment tool and available to deliver one-on-one coaching or team/group workshops. Call us to learn more.


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